The Death Road

Yungas Road, La Paz, Bolivia (map)

At it’s worst it claimed the lives of 200-300 a year and earned it’s title as the most dangerous road in the world.  With us being only 45 minutes away in La Paz my wife insisted that I couldn’t pass up missing this ride; I think she has a secret life insurance policy out on me 🙂

Toured with the appropriately named company
The ride starts at 15,419 feet and descends to 3,937 feet over 39 miles
We had a group of 18 riders and 1 spectator
The bikes were fairly new Haro Full Suspensions

After 20 years in the making, in 2006 the new Yungas paved road was opened
A view of what's ahead
Jumping Around the World

Not the smartest way to ride
The paved road is fine, but the old dirt road is where the fun begins

The most recent accident; that's a car at the bottom
As we descended the temperature rose and had to shed some layers

Teaching them - Hook 'Em Horns (really supposed to be "The Lama")
Cheers to living and loving life!

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9 thoughts on “The Death Road

  1. As your mother I am glad I did not know you where doing this. What did they throw at the guy at the end? Did you film all this or the sag wagon. (lol)

    1. They just threw some mud at him and nope it was mostly their videos except for the ones of actual riding and seeing the handlebars. I am impressed you still remember the term SAG wagon 🙂

  2. After looking at the photos, I was afraid to even click on the video…the pictures alone were giving me heart palpitations! The mountains are beautiful, but I think I’d enjoy the view from afar. Vertigo anyone? 🙂

    1. It was safer than you think, really only if you act like a teenage male do you need to worry. I just took a look at your blog and it looks great, I would be curious your opinion on the recent North Korea headlines and if your tired of Gangman style yet 🙂

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