The Need for Speed

Day 46 – Lander to Dubois, WY – 75 miles (windy)

If it was easy everyone would be doing it, this what I told myself as I suffered throughout the day.  Todays overall speed average was the lowest of the trip at 9.9mph.  Typically we can get a jump on the day to beat the wind, but due to a cold front that moved through last night the winds stayed high and constant since yesterday.

I won’t say it was worse then that day in Kansas but it was equally as hard in different ways.  In Kansas the winds were at 30+ mph gusting 50-60, today they were around 20 mph gusting 30-40 but the distance was longer and there was climbing all day; it just grinds on you after a while.

I did however get to meet some great folks on the road and at my lunch spot / overnight place.  Big Thanks to Kevin for the introduction to Lee* and Lee* Thank You for putting a free roof over my head, bed, and shower; your a saint!

Met some fun women on the road heading from Portland to New York - Cat and Meg (I saw their other buddy Sarah about 4 hours later but she was moving too fast in the other direction to catch); checkout their bike setup (teeth and all :)) -

I am pretty sure the horses thought I was crazy for riding today, almost all of them stared today
I frame some of my shots 🙂

Camera Shy
Luckily I dodged the snow storm, today
Lots of babies running / lying around

First Bison / Buffalo sighting of the trip, unfortunately in captivity

Parking brakes not included
Overnight spot in Dubois, WY; actually Lee* asked I don't post his information as he it not ready to welcome all the crazy cyclist out there (*if that is his real name :))

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