The Weight of Worry

Northland, New Zealand (map)

While traveling through 20+ countries there have been so many things we have learned…of these are the advantages of living in the USA (hence why we are returning home). But we have also learned that our amazing country could learn a few things from the places we have visited. While I won’t cover them all in one blog post, I will say there are a couple that kept coming up as we traveled around the world.

1. With the rising obesity epidemic in America, we all know we need to eat better. As we traveled through all these places, one thing became very clear to us. The countries where fresh produce is limited or overpriced, obesity is higher. Being a Dietitian and traveling to foreign places has been difficult on the diet. From carb-laden meals in Central and South America to stir fried everything in Asia, finding fresh produce is always a breath of fresh air. It was always a pleasant surprise when we were in countries where the American dollar isn’t necessarily a benefit (for example: Italy and Australia) and we found their availability of fresh produce incredibly well priced. One thing to note is these countries all use weight in Kilograms. For those who don’t know, 1 kg is 2.2 lbs. This means the world to your budget when apples cost $1.29 per kg vs per lb (like in the USA). The metric system rocks!

***On a side note I have lofty goals for returning to life in the USA, one which is to start my own garden to grow some of my own produce. Anyone have tips or advice for me?

2. The first time I noticed the sign I literally laughed out loud. While in South Africa we were about to walk across a fairly sketchy looking bridge. As clear as day there was a sign stating that by walking on the bridge you are aware that you assume all liability if something happens to you. That was definitely not the last time we saw a sign like that, but one thing we have loved while traveling around the world is how in most other countries there is no worry of constantly being sued by people. Some places do put warning signs, but for the most part these countries have not embraced the desire for excess litigation. Why can’t we just take responsibility for our own actions?

I have to say world exploration without so much worry is what has made visiting other countries so much fun!

Exploring Northland beaches
Without a worry in the world
Not over populated is just what we like
Not overly populated is just what we like
Priced just right in New Zealand = Healthy campers!
Priced just right in New Zealand = Healthy campers!
What, no warning sign? No tour guides forcing you to "buy" your way inside?
What, no KEEP OUT sign? No tour guide forcing you to sign a waiver in order to go inside ?
Cave exploring in the middle of nowhere. How long do we have to be gone before someone comes looking for us?!
Inside the dark cave
Inside the dark cave
Seeing our very first Glow Worms!!!
Seeing our very first Glow Worms!!!
Seeing the Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls
What tourists do when it is their millionth waterfall to see
What tourists do when it is their millionth waterfall to see
Or this daring move...better lawyer up
Or they do this daring move…better lawyer up!
WeGoRTW liability
WeGoRTW liability
Perhaps camping alone is also something to worry about?
Perhaps camping alone is also something we should worry about?
Don’t worry, Be Happy!
Dustin posing with a Kauri  Tree
Dustin contemplating the ways of the world
Face to face with the "Father of the Forest", Te Matua Ngahere
Face to face with the Te Matua Ngahere, the “Father of the Forest” which is the largest Tree in NZ (52 ft girth)
Yoga Posing 'Round the World - Te Matua Ngahere
Yoga Posing ‘Round the World – Te Matua Ngahere, Waipoua Forest
Waipoua Forest
“I never saw a discontented tree. They grip the ground as though they liked it, and though fast rooted they travel as far as we do.” ~John Muir

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  1. SE Asia I’ve found to be pretty great for fresh food, actually – I’m a bit concerned about Europe, where we’re heading next – anticipating a lot of heavy food and starches in Germany and the like!

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