Tour of Italy

Day 5 of our European tour had us leaving Switzerland and heading for Italy. Thanks to some luck and good timing we also had the chance to catch the Giro d’Italia (Bicycle – Tour of Italy).

Coming into Venice Italy
San Marco Square
A great city without any cars that is also easy to get lost in it's maze
Festivals were occurring all around us for the Tour of Italy
Tom Danielson and the Garmin Slipstream team warming up for the Team Time Trail
Chance meetings with Lance Armstrong & a retired cyclist Viatcheslav Ekimov
Our next adventure found us on foot on the West coast of Italy outside of La Spezia for the 5 city hike of Cinque Terra
Um... Not so pretty in pink
Walking our way into Vernazza

Tired from hiking we hopped back on the train over to Florence
For some sight seeing

Then heading out into Tuscany
Where we found a way two mix each of our favorite activities - Bike Touring
& Wine Touring

To see more pictures of our Italy journey checkout the slideshows below:

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