Travel Regret

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (map)

Houston we have a problem…

No, it wasn’t going on an around the world adventure. It was failing to do any real homework and making the assumption that it was a good idea to rent a car to see Australia. The homework should have included; what do you want to see when you get to Australia?

We knew we wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef, but failed to take into consideration that beyond that we may not need to drive all of Queensland from the Gold Coast north and back to the surrounding New South Whales Sydney area racking up 2,000+ miles with gas costs nearly $6+ a gallon.

In hindsight flying would have been the better option in consideration of time and money. But… Always look on the bright side of life! What we can take away from our experience so far?

Had we not driven we wouldn’t have gotten stuck in the worst flood to hit Queensland in centuries and we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be rescued by Beth and Ray. Plus, when you travel by plane from place to place how can you truly say you have seen a country?

We can’t answer that question quite yet, but surely seeing it mile by mile has to bring you closer to the land and people.

Welcome to Surfers Beach
Welcome to Surfers Paradise
Surfers get all the attention
Urangan Pier in Hervey Bay looking out to the famed Fraser Island
Heading further north to the Urangan Pier in Hervey Bay looking out to the famed Fraser Island
The journey is always the adventure as we are stuck on the wrong side of flood waters
Not making it back across anytime soon, we settle in for a long wait
One of the many ways we pass time and hunger pains, we know you are jealous
Waiting for flood waters to recede we head further inland to one of the coolest ranches ever
Our rescuers Beth and Ray, they regularly host WWOOF’ers so taking in strangers is 2nd nature to them
Beth made some of the best home cooking that we had been missing for the last 7 months
With the skies cleared we made it across the river to our destination further north
Passing through just in time before road closures in Rocky
A common sight along Australian roads, over-sized tourist attractions gets’em every time
Making our escape into the sun we headed into Airlie Beach
For some R&R on our schedule

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6 thoughts on “Travel Regret

  1. OMG!! I can’t believe u have already passed through Australia…one of my favorite vacations ever!!! Can’t wait to see all the pics. So where are y’all off to next? Love you. Denise

  2. The eternal question of how to travel the east coast. Sorry to hear that you have regrets there. We would have gone camper van instead of Grey Hound looking back ourselves. Still, if you’re going to have to see any country by the ground, Australia is a beautiful one to take in.

    1. It seems if you are going to see multiple locations in an area it makes sense to have your own transportation, just in this case we kind of wished we waited until we were through with Queensland before renting a car as we really just went from Point A to B, then back.

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