Up to our ears in travel gear this New Year!

Happy New Year to all 12 blog followers we have out there right now 🙂 Ha ha! Considering we are just getting around to finally telling very close friends and family members about our RTW travel plans I would say 12 isn’t too shabby!

Now that 2012 is here our trip is becoming more and more real. Ever since we started seriously planning our RTW travel it has been easy to refer to our adventure as being “next year”. Well it is officially now THE year. As you can imagine the holidays were such a great time for us to spend with both of our families. Realizing that Christmas and New Years next year will be completely different for us made the family time we had more special than ever. What has also helped make this adventure we are planning even more real is seeing just how much travel gear we both got for Christmas from both our families. Personally it makes me so happy to know both our families are being so supportive even though they have their worries. To give you a snapshot  of our new items I did my best to lay them all out…


Travel Gear

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3 thoughts on “Up to our ears in travel gear this New Year!

    1. Funny you say that, I am about to post a video of you claiming that you don’t want to be found killed by a tornado in Rush Center wearing Spandex. But yes it’s addicting 🙂

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