We are Moving to New Zealand

OK, maybe not yet!  Sorry to scare you moms and dads, but we do hope to call New Zealand home for more than 6 weeks at a time at some point in our lives and after watching the video you will understand why.

For the past 6 months we have been consistently getting questions about one post in particular – The Earnslaw Burn Trek and after seeing this highlight reel hopefully you will understand why; hint … because it’s awesome!

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Techie, TreeHugger, Outdoor Adventurist, Motorhead, and can now say World Traveler!

4 thoughts on “We are Moving to New Zealand

    1. NZ definitely spoiled us and can’t wait to follow once y’all get there, the hikes are amazing. Have to say with this post trip video editing from cubicle and watching folks like y’all who started around the same time as us (international at least) and still going is tuff. Keep up the great travel!

    1. Thanks Adam and Kate, we are back to the short vacations for now, but will always travel and plan bigger adventures as we go.

      Great Site btw!

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