What is your Favorite place?

Rotorua, New Zealand (map)
Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand (map)

You didn’t think just because in our last update we announced we were coming home that we didn’t have any more travel updates for you, did you?  Noooo!

These redwoods were transplanted back in 1901

The dreaded question and the one we most often receive when people find out we have been traveling long term around the world – What is your favorite place?

There is no one answer to this.  The politically correct answer usually goes like…. “oh, everywhere is great and we really enjoyed <insert country name of the inquirer>“.  OK just kidding about that last part, we wouldn’t do that. 🙂

But it really is the truth.  In our memories usually it’s not the place that we remember best, but our experiences we had in that place that are most memorable.  This is why so many top sites and wonders of the world are actual a let down.

  • We actually didn’t enjoy the environment and surroundings of seeing the Great Pyramids, but we did love our experiences with our new extended Filipino family.
  • The massive Iguazu Falls were too overrun with tourists flowing in by the train loads to get a real sense of wanderlust, but experiencing great conversation in the wine capital of Argentina can make friends for a lifetime.
  • And finally in this blog post I sought out the best Mountain biking in New Zealand and where their trails rate at the top, it still doesn’t compare to my incredible experience with the great people in Howick, South Africa
  • Don’t get us wrong, some destinations like Machu Picchu really did hold up to their grandeur because you can still find your own private corner while chilling with a llama.

Though for us it really came down to the people and experiences we had with them.  By following the normal travelers route around the world we did get to see some great sites, but the really memorable and wonderful places are because of the interactions we had with the people!

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