When in Rome, Really This Time

Rome, Italy (map)

Last time we used the blog title When in Rome we said it jokingly in reference to just going along with the flow, we had no idea that we would actually be visiting Rome!

After deciding to leave South Africa we realized we had some time to kill since we really didn’t want to get to India until November. We are planning to meet up with friends who will be back visiting family and we wanted to schedule our arrival so we would get to experience one of India’s largest holidays known as Diwali the festival of lights.

Throwing around some ideas and plenty of internet searches, we found ourselves booking a last minute flight to Rome to board an 11 night Holy Land Norwegian Cruise. Yes, we literally arrived to the Johannesburg airport and booked a flight that was leaving 3 hours later. While in the airport lounge we then booked the cruise we would embark just a few days later.

When we saw the Norwegian Cruise online there were a few great things about it:

  • It would keep within our budget goal of less than $100 per day (for the both of us)
  • We would get to visit some places that were never on our original itinerary (Turkey and Israel)
  • We would get to SAFELY visit Egypt, which was on our original country list, but due to recent events our families had encouraged us to avoid

More on Rome in the picture captions below and the cruise in our upcoming posts…

Starting the day early we managed to see the highlights in a day
Known for the City of Love
Looking towards Vatican City
St. Peters Square
Jumping over St. Peters Place
Italian for Automobile
Someone making their wish in the Trevi Fountain
Rome just casting it’s love spell
Looks like her wish came true πŸ™‚
Fountain of Neptune in the Piazza Navona
The Roman Forum
Yoga Posing Around the World – The Colosseum Rome
Peek into the Colosseum

Rome is for Lovers

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    1. Thanks Pam! I am so happy you are following along. We are definitely enjoying the fly by the seat of your pants type of traveling we are doing right now…

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