When in Rome

Antigua, Guatemala (map)

At no time was it planned to include any type of organized athletic events in our RTW adventures, but once I learned that we arrived in Antigua on the eve of the XXXI Medio Maratón Las Rosas (Roses Half Marathon) event the irrational thought to enter it crossed my mind.

Irrational because just two days before we had been hit with a stomach bug and we were still re-hydrating. The other fact was that my last run was with my brother 2 weeks before for a grand total distance of 3 miles that left me hobbling.

Where I have ran full marathons in my past this was my first attempt at the half, I was happy with my halfway split time but paid dearly for it on the second half of the run.  To put it in perspective of me my personal best marathon half split was 1:58:31 in 2010, my final time on this run was 2:21:23.

Considering the situation I am happy with this and thankful I didn’t twist my ankle on the cobble streets.  Seize the moment! 🙂

The leaders at the start 21km race / run
Course Map
My first 1/2 Marathon and my first Bandit run
I decided to run with our small camera to capture the city
The water stops are a little different
As usual I went out too fast and made the halfway point at 52:01
Seeking out something a little stronger than water to help on the second half

Seeing a familiar face on the home stretch
Just 50 meters to go!
Finished! With a grimace or a smile?
Even though I ran it "bandit" style they still gave me a medal!
Or maybe not 😉


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