White Water Summer

Rio Savegre, Costa Rica (map)

It’s been only 31 days into our adventures and we have discovered that we are high maintenance travel snobs!  🙂

Not in the sense that we must stay in expensive lavish luxury accommodations or ride only in half full charter buses, but in that we get bored easily, seeing and doing the same old things over and over again.  As we bounced around Central America we found that our  travelers ADD kicked into high gear and we are switching our plans daily.

Why? Because lets face it after you see one great Volcano view why would you want to travel 3 hours over a 10 mile bumpy road that has you slow to a snails pace just so you can see yet another great Volcano view ;), yep snobs.

Our new plan is to see places that are drastically different than where we just came from before and jump feet first into activities neither of us has ever experienced!

Checkout all the pictures in motion action in the YouTube video below (can’t be seen from email, come visit the site).

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3 thoughts on “White Water Summer

  1. Weird! We did this too! Did we just get stuck in the same turismo trap?!
    Looks like y’all had a lot of fun. Miss y’all!

    1. Costa Rica in a whole seems to be a turismo trap, fun but over priced compared to just heading to Hawaii. We did miss having your blue speedo though! 🙂

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