Zion & Bryce Canyon

How many times have you flown into Las Vegas and after spending days in a Casino full of freezing cold recycled air wished you could escape?

OK us neither as we would just head out to the pool, but next time you do go we recommend a road trip up to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Park!

We were bummed to find that the narrows were flooded
But EmSue went to cleaning up other parts of the park
Laughing in the face of danger
Not so much laughing now
As you can see the trail on the right narrows as it climbs
With a look back to see how high you have come
The payoff view is pretty nice
Until you realized you missed your shuttle bus

Next we headed over to Bryce Canyon to hug some trees
While EmSue continues her Yoga poses (also seen in Switzerland post)
I am thinking of another pose – Forward Facing Superman
Finally we agree on a cheesy pose instead

For more pictures checkout the slideshow below (not visible from email, come visit the blog):

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